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Ceremony Magazine San Diego 2014 | The Tour of Love

The Tour of Love
By Jennifer Dery, Jennifer Dery Photography

As soon as you set your wedding date and start sending out invitations, there is one question you will get asked more than any other – and it won’t have anything to do with your color scheme or the selection of entrées at your reception. No, what people will really want to know now is where you plan on honeymooning.

Everyone loves asking this question because it gives them just a moment to live vicariously through you. As exciting as it is though, choosing the perfect honeymoon location takes just as much thought as picking a venue and finding the right dress.

Jennifer Dery Photography via CeremonyBlog.com

As a wedding photographer, I have taken pictures all over the world; from Japan to Jamaica, and everywhere in-between, I have captured images of the Big Day. That, combined with my own personal lust for seeing the world, makes helping people select their honeymoon destination as just about one of my favorite things to do.

When you start discussing where to go for your honeymoon, there are a few questions you should consider first. Have the two of you ever traveled together before, and if so, were there any challenges? Has at least one of you traveled outside the country in the past? Do you prefer vacations where you can relax on the beach, or ones where you can stir up some adventure? And how long do you want to be gone?

Answering these questions as a couple can help you to get a better idea of what you are both envisioning when it comes to your honeymoon. Your individual comfort levels really can dictate things like whether you should get a travel agent, book an all-inclusive resort, or just plan on back-packing with one-way tickets wherever you feel compelled to go.

Remember that people often have different travel styles. While you may be able to pick up and go with the flow, your fiancé may be a planner who tends to stress when things don’t go according to his itinerary. The dilemma is that your honeymoon should be about the two of you; a trip where you both enjoy yourselves equally and have a great time sharing this trip as a team.

Jennifer Dery Photography via CeremonyBlog.com

Which brings us back to those questions – use your answers to help you formulate a list of destinations that are sure to meet both of your travel desires. View the selection process from there in a similar fashion to choosing your venue. Weigh all the little details (such as cost and amenities) in order to pick the best possible fit.

Some of my favorite locations include:

  • Kyoto, Japan: Hire a personal tour guide to show you the city, temples and street food.
  • Kauai, Hawaii: Rent scooters, go kayaking and seek out hidden beaches.
  • Ireland: Sign up for a driving tour and take part in a pub crawl.
  • Florence, Italy: Live in the city for a month if you can. It’s magical and you will have no regrets.

Obviously not everyone wants to travel outside the continental United States for their honeymoon. If you were hoping to stay closer to home, consider heading to San Francisco, New York or Chicago. These big cities all have plenty to offer, including amazing food, incredible museums, and enough shopping to keep you entertained for days.

The most important goal is to find a destination you each can get excited about. Once you’ve done that, the tour of love can begin!

Jennifer Dery Photography via CeremonyBlog.com

Photography | Jennifer Dery Photography

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