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Vendor Ingenuity | D. Park Photography

Vendor Ingenuity with D. Park Photography

Names: David + Drexelle Park
Title: Owners
Company Name: D. Park Photography


I started my business in…

I got started in the wedding business in…
David: 2006
Drexelle: 2009

This is how it came to be…
I would have sworn David just wanted an excuse to buy an expensive camera. One day he came home with one and said, “I’m going to be a professional photographer.” I thought it was a phase that would pass. But he started second shooting and volunteered to shoot weddings for a few years.
In 2009, he officially started D. Park Photography and asked me to shoot alongside him. He was a software engineer at IBM. I was a financial analyst at Boeing. I went from weapons to weddings.
We were hooked.
That year, we made the leap and left our jobs to fulfill our passion of doing full-time wedding photography.

A little bit about my background…
We’re David and Drexelle. And we’re complete opposites.
God amazingly brought us together, two kids scared of marriage and now passionate about a lifetime committed to love – the good, the bad, the crazy, the lovely. We don’t just capture the moment.  We create it.  Even more important to us than beautiful photographs, is an amazing experience. Our passion? Inspire love.

D. Park Photography via CeremonyMagazine.com

I find inspiration…
David: To see people, the world, life differently. Creatively. That’s what I’m about.  That’s why I chose photography. I worked passionately to give my wife a great love story (read how here). I will work passionately to capture yours. Drexelle once told me: “Time just flies, doesn’t it?!” But that’s why I love photography; not because time flies, but because we capture moments in time.

Drexelle: Chocoholic.  Hopeless Romantic.  Inspiration junkie. Coming from a divorced home, I was terrified of marriage. I wanted to learn if love for a lifetime could truly exist. Amazingly, it does. I married my best friend; and, by God’s grace, I work by his side to photograph, to inspire, and to be inspiredby timeless love stories.

We love weddings because…
we are passionate about marriage.

Something every couple should know after they get engaged…
Marriage is a taste of heaven and a taste of hell. No one else will push and challenge and hurt and love and grow and build you up the way your spouse can. It’s a powerful thing. And when the times get tough, know that at the end of the valley, there is a beautiful view. Just hold on tight. It’s going to be amazing.

My best advice to couples for the big day… 
Breathe. Laugh. Love. Let yourself cry. Let the day go. Look deeply at the one you love. Everything else around fades. This is what you’re committing will remain.   Even more important than wedding planning, take the time to do premarital counseling and preparation. Learn from couples long married that are doing marriage right. Building your marriage will make a more fantastic wedding day than planning your wedding.

D. Park Photography via CeremonyMagazine.com

If I could have any other occupation in the world, I would…
be a speaker that would inspire the world to love, to let go of fear, to heal, to hope.

If I had no limits, my dream vacation (or wedding) would be…
a trip to Israel and all the ancient wonders of the world. Then, to the moon!

My favorite reality TV show is…
Masterchef Jr

My favorite holiday is…

The tastiest food (or drink) indulgence is…
Chocolate – Drexelle is a recovering chocoholic.

My favorite staycation spot is…
our couch, cuddling with our baby boy, watching a great movie that inspires us.

My favorite thing on my desk is…
a card I saved from my grandparents that says “God will always be with you.”


Photography by D. Park Photography.

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  1. Comment by Andrea:

    Along with being great photographers, they are also great people!!