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We think you’ll agree that these wedding vendors are quite ingenious.

Wedding Ingenuity with Simple Little Details

Ingenious ideas from coordinators, Taleen & Christine, of Simple Little Details

CEREMONY: Having a refreshment station is a fun touch guests are sure to enjoy, especially on a hot day! Display a variety of beverages such as water with fresh fruit or specialty lemonade in drink dispensers and fun paper straws. – Taleen

COLOR PALETTES: Black is a color not often introduced in weddings, but it is one of my favorites. Touches of it can really give a wedding a chic or edgy feel. – Taleen

FASHION: Formal fashion is one of my favorites. There are incredible bridal fashions that are classic and make a statement. We see many luxurious necklines that aren’t strapless, including high necks, deep V, long sleeves, and even capes. These add a remarkable element to your photos. You will also feel more comfortable in a look that isn’t strapless as you won’t have to adjust it throughout the celebration. I also love the remarkable options! We’ve seen everything from bridal jumpsuits with magnificent detachable trains, peekaboo skirts and asymmetrical hems. The current bridal fashions are filled with options, each which will ensure that you make a statement while looking exceptionally beautiful. – Christine

PHOTO BOOTHS: A selfie station is a great alternative to the photo booth that’s both affordable and fun for the guests. Just provide a backdrop, selfie stick, and Instagram hashtag. – Taleen

WEDDING TRADITIONS: I love wedding traditions! It’s a beautiful way to commemorate the unique background of each couple and their individual family culture. We do a lot of cultural and mixed culture weddings. It’s always endearing and heartwarming to see our clients keep alive the traditions of their cultural backgrounds. – Christine

LOVE IT: Something unexpected. Sometimes the simplest of smallest detail is what people talk about the most because the surprise element intensifies and delights our emotion so the experience resonates. – Christine

Photography Credits:
1. Duke Photography
2. U Me Us Studios

Vendor Ingenuity | Neon Carrot Events

Vendor Ingenuity with Mikii Rathmann of Neon Carrot Events

Name: Mikii Rathmann
Title: VP of Fun
Company Name: Neon Carrot Events


I started my business in…
201o. I always had a dream to operate my own business. After working in the hotel industry for 20+ years planning events I took the entrepreneurial leap and started Neon Carrot Events. I have the most fun job on the planet!

A little bit about my background…
I was told by an old boss that I was happiest when I was doing something for someone else, and that I had a real talent for making something from nothing.   I may have been born to be a wedding & event planner.

I find inspiration…
In the moments when my clients eyes light up when they are talking about their wedding. You can tell what’s important and what they are excited about.

The flower or décor element I never tire of…
a display of family wedding photos.

My best advice to couples for the big day…
Don’t be afraid to say that you need a minute. Or that you want to do something differently than planned. You will be pulled by the photographer, your coordinator, your friends and family. You may not know what you want until the moment it happens. It’s ok to speak up.


If I could have any other occupation in the world, I would…
Be a game show host!

If I had no limits, my dream vacation would be…
I would love to have an around the world ticket good for one year. So I could travel around the world and stay in different places for as long as my heart desired before moving onto the next amazing destination.

My favorite reality TV show is…
Project Runway.

My favorite sports team is…
San Francisco 49ers. I have great memories of going to Candlestick Park with my dad to watch the games.

If I could have front row seats to any concert, sporting event or production, I would see…
The Presidential Inauguration & Ball.

The APP I can’t live without is…


My favorite holiday is…
St. Patrick’s Day. It’s also my wedding anniversary!

Three words to describe my dream wedding…
Fanciful. Exuberate. Merrymaking.

If money were no object, I would…
Pay off all of my family and friends’ mortgages!

I believe…
In marriage equality.

Favorite local restaurant…
El Ranchito in San Clemente. My husband and I had our first date there 12 years ago.  There were moments of awkwardness, wonderful conversation, and perfect guacamole – exactly how you hope a first date would be.


Photos courtesy of Neon Carrot Events.

Vendor Ingenuity | LC Floral Design

Vendor Ingenuity with Laura Roda from LC Floral Design

Name: Laura Roda
Title: Owner/designer
Company Name: LC Floral Design

Hazy Lane Studios via CeremonyMagazine.com

I got started in the wedding business in…

This is how it came to be…
I started to dabble into the wedding industry for the first time in 2012. After doing my first wedding, I knew this was an avenue I wanted to pursue. I absolutely love to work with clients to make their dream wedding become a reality. It is the most thrilling feeling ever.

A little bit about my background…
My love for flowers started young at the age of 5.  When I was younger, one of my dearest friends and I would pick flowers from our yards. After gathering flowers we would go door to door trying to sell our hand-picked bouquets!  Before starting LC Floral I would create fresh arrangements for my house or for any event that my family would be hosting. I put my heart and soul into creating one of a kind, unforgettable weddings and events. I do believe that each flower, texture, color and smell evokes a certain feeling. I strive to artistically create the perfect vision for each individual event.

I find inspiration…
through music- Michael Buble to be exact!

The flower or décor element I never tire of…
is the rose, this flower is timeless and elegant!

Hazy Lane Studios via CeremonyMagazine.com

The perfect wedding day signature cocktail…
Champagne! I know it’s not much of a cocktail, but my philosophy is you can have champs at any time of day!

My design philosophy…
As a floral fanatic, I believe that each individual and lush bloom can transform the overall look, feel, and atmosphere of your day. From overflowing table arrangements to a single stem, each flower has the ability to bring beauty and enchantment to every event. I work hand and hand with each client to ensure their vision comes to life. Finishing touches are a big deal to me. I believe that attention to detail is the key factor in creating a memorable experience for you and your guests that will always be remembered.

My favorite wedding color palette combination is…
Berry tones, ivory and gold.

One or two words to describe my style…
Distinctive and classic.

I love weddings because…
Nothing is more magical than two people committing their love for each other in front of their friends and family!

My best advice to couples for the big day…
Take everything in and enjoy every minute!

If money were no object, I would…
Travel the world.

Lindsay Ferraris Photography via CeremonyMagazine.com

Photo Credits:
1.-2. Hazy Lane Studios
3. Lindsay Ferraris Photography

Vendor Ingenuity | D. Park Photography

Vendor Ingenuity with D. Park Photography

Names: David + Drexelle Park
Title: Owners
Company Name: D. Park Photography


I started my business in…

I got started in the wedding business in…
David: 2006
Drexelle: 2009

This is how it came to be…
I would have sworn David just wanted an excuse to buy an expensive camera. One day he came home with one and said, “I’m going to be a professional photographer.” I thought it was a phase that would pass. But he started second shooting and volunteered to shoot weddings for a few years.
In 2009, he officially started D. Park Photography and asked me to shoot alongside him. He was a software engineer at IBM. I was a financial analyst at Boeing. I went from weapons to weddings.
We were hooked.
That year, we made the leap and left our jobs to fulfill our passion of doing full-time wedding photography.

A little bit about my background…
We’re David and Drexelle. And we’re complete opposites.
God amazingly brought us together, two kids scared of marriage and now passionate about a lifetime committed to love – the good, the bad, the crazy, the lovely. We don’t just capture the moment.  We create it.  Even more important to us than beautiful photographs, is an amazing experience. Our passion? Inspire love.

D. Park Photography via CeremonyMagazine.com

I find inspiration…
David: To see people, the world, life differently. Creatively. That’s what I’m about.  That’s why I chose photography. I worked passionately to give my wife a great love story (read how here). I will work passionately to capture yours. Drexelle once told me: “Time just flies, doesn’t it?!” But that’s why I love photography; not because time flies, but because we capture moments in time.

Drexelle: Chocoholic.  Hopeless Romantic.  Inspiration junkie. Coming from a divorced home, I was terrified of marriage. I wanted to learn if love for a lifetime could truly exist. Amazingly, it does. I married my best friend; and, by God’s grace, I work by his side to photograph, to inspire, and to be inspiredby timeless love stories.

We love weddings because…
we are passionate about marriage.

Something every couple should know after they get engaged…
Marriage is a taste of heaven and a taste of hell. No one else will push and challenge and hurt and love and grow and build you up the way your spouse can. It’s a powerful thing. And when the times get tough, know that at the end of the valley, there is a beautiful view. Just hold on tight. It’s going to be amazing.

My best advice to couples for the big day… 
Breathe. Laugh. Love. Let yourself cry. Let the day go. Look deeply at the one you love. Everything else around fades. This is what you’re committing will remain.   Even more important than wedding planning, take the time to do premarital counseling and preparation. Learn from couples long married that are doing marriage right. Building your marriage will make a more fantastic wedding day than planning your wedding.

D. Park Photography via CeremonyMagazine.com

If I could have any other occupation in the world, I would…
be a speaker that would inspire the world to love, to let go of fear, to heal, to hope.

If I had no limits, my dream vacation (or wedding) would be…
a trip to Israel and all the ancient wonders of the world. Then, to the moon!

My favorite reality TV show is…
Masterchef Jr

My favorite holiday is…

The tastiest food (or drink) indulgence is…
Chocolate – Drexelle is a recovering chocoholic.

My favorite staycation spot is…
our couch, cuddling with our baby boy, watching a great movie that inspires us.

My favorite thing on my desk is…
a card I saved from my grandparents that says “God will always be with you.”


Photography by D. Park Photography.

Montage Kapalua Bay: A Paradise Awaits

Montage Kapalua Bay: A Paradise Awaits
Shot on Location at Montage Kapalua Bay
Photography by Brandon Kidd Photo
By: Morgan Votaw

Brandon Kidd Photo via CeremonyMagazine.com

Offering both romantic surroundings and unparalleled luxury, the Montage Kapalua Bay on Maui is the chic, luxurious wedding destination you’ve been dreaming of. Newly opened and joining the ranks of the prestigious Montage family, the Montage Kapalua Bay is an oasis of beauty, splendor, and vibrant heritage. With a focus on ho’okipa (hospitality), the resort is perfectly suited to host newlyweds and wedding guests alike.

At the Montage Kapalua Bay, couples have their choice between outdoor waterfront ceremony and reception sites and the intimate Cliff House, a gorgeous indoor setting with ocean views. From the Cliff House, guests will gaze out upon the islands of Moloka’i and Lana’i. With true Hawaiian influences, this venue injects rich culture and refined leisure into your tropical getaway.

True to the exceptional standards of a Montage Hotel, Kapalua Bay has a host of wedding experts to perfect all the details of your special day. Along with wedding professionals, the hotel offers exquisite catering and bar packages. As every effort is made to provide couples and guests with an extraordinary experience, only one wedding is booked per day. With undivided attention, the staff at Kapalua Bay will expertly design, execute, and surpass the wedding of your dreams.

Brandon Kidd Photo via CeremonyMagazine.com

While getting ready to embark on your greatest adventure, schedule a time of pampering at the 30,000 square foot Spa Montage for your bridal party. As the hotel staff finalizes wedding details, enjoy the relaxing and rejuvenating services, both ancient and contemporary, offered at the Spa Montage.

Guests will also enjoy the array of activities offered at the resort. From helicopter tours to luaus, your wedding becomes the perfect reason to escape routine and revel in a world-class Hawaiian experience.

Though the Montage Kapalua Bay sits upon 22,000 acres of immaculate tropical terrain and boasts stunning views in every direction, its focus can be turned to you and your loved one to create a day that none will forget and nothing will exceed.

Brandon Kidd photo via CeremonyMagazine.com