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Ceremony Magazine San Diego 2016 | Romance

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Vendor Ingenuity | Brianna Caster Photography

Vendor Ingenuity with Brianna Caster Photography

Name: Brianna Caster
Title: Owner
Company Name: Brianna Caster & Co. Photographers

Shy Heart Studios via

I got started in the wedding business in …
2008. I shot my very first wedding by referral through my lovely Aunt. I was in college at the time working toward my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Photography. I’m still amazed that they hired me knowing I had never shot a wedding before, but they loved their images! I graduated with my BFA in 2010 and began photographing professionally with others who would take me under their wing, as well as for whoever would let me point my camera at them!

This is how it came to be…
I learned a lot about myself and the kind of business I wanted to build by working with other professionals. I learned by watching and listening closely to how they carried themselves, how they spoke to their clients, and how they handled issues that arose. Some of them blew me away with grace and elegance, while others blew me away with selfishness, making it clear that money was of the utmost importance – not the client. I chose to follow the ones who were graceful, gracious and kind. I attempted two different partnerships before finally realizing that it was time to put on my big girl pants and branch off alone.

A little bit about my background…
I knew in high school that I wanted to pursue photography. During my first two years of college I had a lot of people tell me how hard it was going to be, and how much competition was out there. I let those things sway my decision many times, but I couldn’t let the idea of it go completely. When I sat down and thought about what I could see myself doing for the rest of my life – Photography was it. I shut out all of the nay sayers and decided that I could be successful in anything I wanted to be as long as I was passionate enough about it. As someone who is in the middle of five children, I learned early on how to work hard for what I wanted and began making my own money babysitting at the age of 12. So I knew I could do it.

I find inspiration…
In my Mother. My Mother has worked hard my entire life. I have seen her struggle, but I have never seen her fall down. There was a point in my career when I was struggling and I called her and said, “I think I might have to get a REAL job.” Her response was, “Don’t you dare. You can do this. You WILL do this.” I was frustrated at the time because she didn’t tell me HOW to do it… but I will never forget that moment because she was right. I know if she can go through all she has been through in life and succeed, so can I.

The flower or décor element I never tire of…
Dahlias!! I love Dahlias!

The perfect wedding day signature cocktail…
Who needs anything other than red wine? Wine, wine and more wine please.

My design philosophy…
I approach every engagement session, wedding day shoot, every edit, and every album design as if it were going to be my own. What would I want to see? How would I want to look? Weddings are very personal, and everyone wants to feel amazing. So with that in mind, I approach each and everyone with the idea that it should meet my own impossibly high standards for my wedding day.

My favorite wedding color palette combination is…
I love fall colors and I love pastels.

One or two words to describe my style…
Romantic and Captivating.

Brianna Caster Photography via

I love weddings because…
I love love! Who doesn’t? I am a perpetually happy person. I truly enjoy happy moments, happy tears, smiles, love and all of the beauty that comes from this day. People are so enamored with each other, everything is so genuine. I LOVE to capture romance.

Something every couple should know after they get engaged…
This is going to sound soooo geeky – but lighting is SO important for your wedding! Indoors or outdoors, natural or artifical – it is SO important. When choosing your venue, think about your wedding photos and what time of day will be best for your ceremony and portraits. After all – your photography is where these memories will be kept forever. It’s very important to know and love your photographer and their work as well as have proper lighting.

My best advice to couples for the big day…
Stop and smell the roses. It will all go by so fast, take a moment to take it all in. Relax and enjoy as much as you can. If something goes wrong – who cares! Don’t let it stop you from enjoying.

If I could have any other occupation in the world, I would…
run a dog sanctuary and save abused animals.

If I had no limits, my dream vacation would be…
I have no idea! I’d have to think about this one for hours and hours. There are so many places in the world I want to visit. I have the travel bug like nobodies business!

My favorite reality TV show is…
I am not a reality TV show fan. I enjoy comedies – laughter, happiness. See the pattern here? Hehe.

Deserted island. Three objects? Go…
Clean water. My dog. A phone with cell services so I can get rescued after enjoying my island for a couple of weeks.

My favorite sports team is…
Oh man… I don’t watch sports really. I enjoy live games. Ducks, Angels, Cowboys and Chargers are the teams I’m forced to watch during social sports outings.

If I could have front row seats to any concert, sporting event or production, I would see…
Anything that involved money going to charity. I am a HUGE sucker for a good cause, and I don’t care who is performing or playing – I am far more likely to spend money if it’s for a good cause.

The APP I can’t live without is…

My favorite restaurant of all time is…
Ami Sushi in Santa Ana. Such a random, small little place – but I looooooove sushi, and theirs is top notch!

I am currently listening to…
The Woody Show on iHeartRadio / Alt. 98.7 – they keep me laughing all morning while I work at my computer. Once they are off the air I will listen to 98.7 music or the podcast I’m currently obsessed with “Undisclosed”.

My favorite places to shop are…
Marshalls, TJMax Homegoods, Nordstrom, and I have recently discovered – totally addicted. Amazing prices, amazing selection. I hate going into Nordstrom Rack because I feel like I never find anything – but the online store… to die for. Oh and also DSW or Coach. I love shoes and purses. I am SUCH a girl.

My biggest pet peeve is…
People being late or being rude. Life is too short to be rude… But most importantly, I believe that our time is the most valuable thing we have to give to people – so being late is not cool when someone is giving you their time.

My favorite holiday is…
CHRISTMAS!!! The last two times I’ve gone out shopping all I bought were Christmas decorations and it’s not even Halloween. I won’t put them up until after Thanksgiving (I’ve promised my boyfriend) – but I canNOT wait to decorate and go get a tree! I love the holidays because I love all the sharing and giving. I don’t care about getting gifts as much as I enjoy giving them. I try to be very personal with my gift giving and get things I know my friends and family will really be excited about.

The tastiest food (or drink) indulgence is…
Sushi!! And wine.

The best day of my life…
I have had a lot of wonderful days, but the best day of my life recently – was this past February when my very first niece was born. I was with my sister throughout her labor, and photographed the whole day. It was very amazing and special.

Brianna Caster Photography via

Three words to describe my dream wedding…
Secluded, Intimate, Elegant. My favorite staycation spot is… Laguna Beach.

If money were no object, I would…
Travel the world and photograph it… and save all the dogs along the way… mostly pitbulls.

I believe….
In miracles – you sexy thing!

My favorite thing on my desk is…
A photo of my niece from her 6 month session – that I photographed… duh.

Favorite local hangout is…
My house. I love having people over to my house, hanging out with my pitbull Shylo, and enjoying good conversation and good food (and wine).

Something most people don’t know about me…
I can be pretty stubborn. Especially when it comes to my work, my clients, and my team. I set my standards and goals very high and I meet them because I’m too stubborn not to.

Ceremony Magazine Los Angeles 2014 | Terri & Eric

Jay Studio via Ceremony BlogJay Studio via  Jay Studio via  Jay Studio via  Jay Studio via  Jay Studio via  Jay Studio via  Jay Studio via  Jay Studio via  Jay Studio via  Jay Studio via  Jay Studio via  Jay Studio via  Jay Studio via  Jay Studio via  Jay Studio via  Jay Studio via Jay Studio via (19)

Terri first saw Eric when she got on an elevator at work, and after their first eye contact, liked him immediately. And on their wedding day, as Terri saw Eric waiting for her at the end of the aisle, they looked each other in the eye and it was like seeing him for the first time all over again.

Pretty in pink floral details completed the enchanting setting for Terri and Eric’s lovely day.

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