Cheers to 50 Years – An Interview with Jay’s Catering

///Cheers to 50 Years – An Interview with Jay’s Catering

What’s your favorite part about both being the caterer and the venue operator? 

We love so many aspects of being both the caterer and the venue operator, however our favorite part is how seamless we are able to make the wedding day for our couples. It allows us to focus on our clients, as opposed to focusing on the unknown logistics of a wedding day. 

Congratulations on your 50th anniversary! Please share more about this amazing milestone!

Thank you! This is a very exciting year for us as we share the celebration of 50 years with our staff, our clients, and our family. Jay and Eleanor Mastroianni founded Jay’s Catering with the idea that catering should be available to everyone, not just the wealthy. From our humble beginnings as a one-stop-shop for catering truck companies, to our current status as one of Southern California’s largest caterers, our goals and values have remained the same. Our delicate mix of tradition and innovation has allowed us to withstand the test of time, and we are proud to celebrate this monumental achievement. 

What are some unique rehearsal dinner ideas? 

This may not be the most unique idea, but serving dinner (or lunch) family style is definitely fitting for a rehearsal day. It is a prefect way for the two families to get to know each other over a great meal! 

What are today’s most overrated food trends?

Anything that aims to change the molecular composition of the food, with no impact on the taste. We are fairly traditional in this way, the taste of our food is very high in our book! 

What are today’s most underrated dishes or ingredients?

One of the most underrated ingredients is vinegar. A little touch of acid can make a huge difference in a dish. You will find white, red wine, balsamic, apple cider, and pretty much every other type of vinegar in our pantry. 

What’s the next big thing in wedding catering?

Couples want their catering to represent them. We have seen this trend in the last few years, but it is stronger than ever. We first saw this with fusion menus, but now we are seeing it throughout the entire event.  Couples are specifically requesting for their favorite foods to be the focal point of the day, even if it is an unconventional mash up! For example, one of our couples had a mac & cheese station, a taco station, and a custom Thai curry station for their reception. 

What is a meal or dish you’ve never served but would love a shot at?

Over the course of 50 years we have been able to try almost everything. However, we have never been able to learn and master the art of traditional seven-course Vietnamese dining. This is definitely on our list!

If you were to serve the last meal on earth, what would it be?

We would have to go with Eleanor’s original lasagna, which has been on the menu for 50 years. 

Who is the person you would most want to join you at dinner?

This is simple, we would love to sit down to dinner with our founder, Jay Mastroianni. Having the opportunity to celebrate 50 years of success with him would be priceless.   

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