Claire Pettibone: Evolution Bride

///Claire Pettibone: Evolution Bride

Photography | Michael and Carina
Gowns & Veils | Claire Pettibone 
Shoes | Claire Pettibone for Bella Belle Shoes
Hair | Kelly De Serio featuring Starring by Ted Gibson
Makeup | Fabiola Alarcon

FROM THE DESIGNER: The idea of transformation and metamorphosis were on my mind when creating this collection. A moment when we sense an evolution from one point to another. I find this an inspiring theme in my work, as I maintain my individuality, while continuing to grow and evolve each season. We all go through many changes in life, and marriage marks one of those moments where vows and promises are recited, and we instantly transform from single to married. And although one could argue that the bride is still the same person, the reality is, that a shift has occurred, and she has entered a new stage in her evolution.

Walking into an attic or a forgotten closet and seeing beams of light illuminating the dust always has an effect on me. The idea that a whole world that we don’t see is right here, just waiting to be discovered… I incorporated elements of the most delicate sparkle with heirloom embroideries and ethereal tulle. As if some of those treasures in the attic were touched by the light and transformed into something new and truly magical.

All images copyright of Michael and Carina.

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