Culinary Craftsmanship Catering Inspiration

///Culinary Craftsmanship Catering Inspiration
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Culinary craftsmanship and wedding celebration collide in the art of the tuna cutting ceremony. Michi Catering, a family company, is one of the only caterers in the Bay Area that can still perform this tuna cutting ceremony and break down every bit of the entire whole tuna. With this art diminishing in the commercialized fishing industry, Michi Catering is keeping this tradition alive.

In keeping with their standard of excellence, Michi flies in their tuna from Tsukiji Market in Japan. This market is the standard when it comes to exceptional tuna, and fish from Tsukiji are in high demand. Michi selects the size of the tuna based on the event’s guest count, but the tuna typically range from 200 pounds to 600 pounds. As with the conventional cake cutting ceremony, the bride and groom are often invited to make the first cut on the tuna. This slice serves as a symbol of their first married act of work. Then, once the fish is ceremoniously and expertly cut by a Michi chef, the guests get to enjoy the fresh fish and continue their celebration of the newlyweds!

Photography | Rhee Bevere Photography
Tuna Cutting Ceremony | Michi Catering

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