Gather Around the Table – An Interview with Canyon Catering

///Gather Around the Table – An Interview with Canyon Catering

 Tell us about yourself!

Canyon Catering is a family-owned, full-service catering and events company in Orange County that’s proudly been in business since 2010. We’re a family-owned business not because we have to be, but because we want to be. 

Canyon’s success can be attributed to Steve’s central motto: Treat your employees like family. We rely on our “family” for a few things:
– We rely on them to help us grow our business, to keep us honest, and to make sure we’re having fun while doing it.
– We don’t accept mediocrity from anyone on the team, including senior management, and we expect our family members to hold us all accountable
– When we run into a problem or an idea isn’t executed quite as well as we had hoped, we don’t point fingers.
– We problem-solve carefully and identify how or what happened, why it went wrong, and what we can do to fix the situation and create a procedure that allows for success. 

Where do you source your ingredients?

We source local products as well as working with a lot of specialty suppliers for certain cuisines on our menu, such as the Asian cuisine. We have great relationships with our food vendors and have a strong purchasing power. 

What is your favorite part about being part of a couple’s wedding day?

Sounds corny, but I love getting to be a part of their process from the time we have our first phone call, to our tasting where we meet, to eventually seeing them on the day taking their vows in front of friends & family. That gets me every time. It’s really what it’s all about. Obviously, I love working with couples who appreciate and love food, since food is what we specialize in, but overall, it’s the whole process. Forming that relationship, finding common ground to connect on, identifying the vibe/vision/flow of the overall event with out clients, and then delivering and executing it on the wedding day. 

What was your biggest food fail (but was worth trying!)?

A small plate with too many steps for a large event at a busy station. It was a crispy pork belly with a foam finish. Although it was a good appetizer in theory, we quickly realized we could not keep up with the crowds at our booth while building an eight-step appetizer. It was especially tricky constantly whipping the foam and finishing the app with the fresh foam. It was a true team effort .

What’s the best thing a couple can do to help your team on the wedding day? 

Communication is key overall. It will help us be successful when making changes or adjustments leading up to the day. We can’t fix or plan out a situation we don’t know about, so I always ask my couples to keep me informed and always ask questions. There are no dumb questions when planning events!

Besides a wonderful meal, what does your team provide for the couple? 

That is a great question as many clients assume caterers only handle the food. The reality is, we are likely the first ones on site & the last ones to leave once the clean-up is over. We can help with the timeline, lighting, ordering and selecting rentals and linens, as well as connect our clients with incredible vendors that we love to work with (DJs, florists, event coordinators, photographers, etc.). We also have a décor department in house at Canyon, so we can always add items to buffets or stations to match the setting of the venue or esthetic of the event overall. 

What kind of menu is most exciting to you?

Simply put, one that my client is passionate about. I spend most of my time post-tastings working with clients to try and fit as many cuisines and food experiences for their guests, without compromising the budget or the clients desire to bring ‘themselves,’ into the menu. When your friends and family sit down to enjoy your wedding meal, they should see you reflected in the plate. I generally start the menu process by asking questions such as: “How did you meet? Did you grab a specialty dessert or snack before or after the first date? Is there a food or dessert tradition you have together?” We’ve had couples ask us to re-create dishes from their first date.

How far in advance should a couple book you for their wedding?

About six months to a year allows us to properly plan & execute any event. The more time we have is always appreciated, but we have also planned a wedding in less than 12 hours, so anything is doable with the team of creative, genuine people we have here at Canyon.

Featured image copyright of Jessie Schultz. Images courtesy of Canyon Catering.

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