It’s More Than a Meal: An Interview with 24 Carrots Catering

///It’s More Than a Meal: An Interview with 24 Carrots Catering

An Interview with 24 Carrots Catering

Congratulations on the opening of the fabulous new 24 Carrots HQ! What is your favorite part about the new space?

Our favorite part about our new 24 Carrots home (affectionately nicknamed The Patch) is how much it reflects who we are – both aesthetically and logistically. Aesthetically, it tells our story of food and family, from the 60-foot mural that includes all our venues, to the break room where we gather for family meal, it’s truly a place to call home. Logistically, it’s built for efficiency. A lot of thought and planning went into the way the building was laid out, from receiving deliveries to packing up trucks to go out onto events to the kitchen set up. It truly works for the way we operate, and allows for a more efficient team and therefore, an even better client experience.

What should couples expect when they visit 24 Carrots for a tasting?

Tastings are important to us because we believe in not only telling but showing our services. Most of our weddings are booked by referral or word of mouth, so we value the experience of tasting and trying, which is why all of our tastings are personalized private tastings, never a group tasting! Some of our clients choose to have a tasting prior to booking our services. The benefits of this include making sure we’re the right fit for your wedding or special occasion. During this time, we’ll get to know your tastes (quite literally!), and we’ll have the opportunity to share the 24 Carrots process and figure out how it best integrates with your plans. Another approach to tastings is one we highly recommend: having a tasting a bit closer to your wedding date. This format works best if, for example, you’ve booked a venue by 24 Carrots so you already have the date confirmed. This allows you to taste your menu within the season of your date, which makes sure that the seasonal items taste the freshest.

Any tips on picking the menu?

We have an extensive menu that we are proud to specialize in! Having so many great options may seem overwhelming at first, but we are happy to take the time to guide you through it. It’s really a wonderful opportunity to personalize your final menu into one that reflects the best of you.

How does service play into a wedding day?

Service excellence is one of our 24 Carrots core values. We define it as “combining experience with a friendly, team-driven attitude allows us to proactively identify and meet the needs of our colleagues, clients, and communities.” We serve purposefully (with experience). We serve with the bigger picture in mind (team-drive attitude). And we serve not only the day of a wedding or event, but our service comes standard from the very beginning (proactive). Service excellence is not limited to reacting to the events on a timeline. Service excellence is every single moment leading up to and closing off a wedding because service excellence is hospitality in action.

How far in advance should a couple book you for their wedding?

Absolutely reserve your date with us as soon as possible. We want to make your wedding a priority, so we don’t overcommit ourselves with events. This means we can close dates off to new events, so get in for a tasting, sample the menu, and then book the full experience with us!

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