Jenna & Cody’s Romantic Wedding Day

//Jenna & Cody’s Romantic Wedding Day

Jenna & Cody

Photography | Rachael Smith Photography
Location & Coordination | Twin Oaks House Weddings
Floral Design | Mr Floral and Events
Videography | Side by Side Cinema
Bridal Salon | David’s Bridal
Bridal Shoes | Bandolino
Hair & Makeup | Hair and Makeup by Hana
Formalwear | Men’s Warehouse 

FROM THE GROOM  Jenna and I first met in middle school as our two friend groups converged for a night to celebrate finishing 6th grade. As time passed, I developed my secret crush for the future love of my life. In high school, we had two classes together and even sat next to each. I often tried to flirt with her, but it was, sadly, only met with silence. I later found out that the silence was because she thought I was obnoxiously talking while the teacher was talking. Jenna’s was the first name I wrote down when making my senior crush list, and it was a tradition for high school seniors to reveal who they had crushes on to the whole school. This was the first time that I had ever made my hidden feelings for her public. Still, I received no interest from the girl that seemed to be the gem that wouldn’t give an inch. As we both went our separate ways for college, I often thought about what could be if I ever had the guts to actually ask her out. Two years flew by and by March of 2015, I had to find out why I still had these feelings for this shy girl from high school. I mustered up the courage to message her on Facebook. I was ecstatic to find that the next month of conversation with Jenna over text led to her agreeing to go on a date with me when she returned home for summer. As the dates went on, I realized that this girl was outgoing, smart, driven, hilarious, passionate and incredibly beautiful both inside and out! I knew that at the end of the summer she would return to Phoenix for school, but I could not let this girl leave without being mine. We managed through a year and a half spent in different states seeing each other every few weeks. Once Jenna graduated and moved back to San Diego in search for a job, I finished up school we were able to develop our relationship. We became best friends, and I knew that I wanted to live the rest of my life with her! With the help of her sister, best friend, Anna, and my sister, we came up with a plan to surprise her with my proposal where both of our families could take part in the special day. After a sunrise hot air balloon ride, I asked Jenna to marry me at Lake Hodges with our families and friends standing on a dock, spelling out: “Will you marry me?” on their shirts. 

All images copyright of Rachael Smith Photography.

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