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We are Nicole & Paul, a husband and wife duo committed to telling each couple’s unique journey. We are inspired by each love story to capture the real moments of the day. It is a privilege to capture such a momentous day and we love to be by your side as guides, friends, and photographers.

We are a husband and wife photography team with over a decade of experience based in Oakland, California. The inspiration for our photos pulls from a wide range of our experiences in fine art, theater, and journalism. We fell in love while shooting together and even took as many of our own wedding photos as we could!

Our styles are a blend of modern editorial looks with a photojournalistic eye and striking fine art compositions. We shoot in the way that seems most appropriate for the moment and for you as a couple. We love to collaborate with you and pull inspiration from your love story. It’s important to us that our shots are technically superb and that we are emotionally invested in the events of the day. We want to make sure that the first look, your parents’ pride, and that sweet dance move are caught right in the moment.

Ultimately our inspiration is you. After shooting hundreds of weddings we can say with certainty that every event is a one of a kind experience and a new and beautiful adventure.

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