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I’m what you get when you cross the timing of a photojournalist with the storytelling of a classic movie. I call what we do cinemaPhotography. It’s a beautifully told tale that stays will you forever, like a great love story from the golden age of cinema. We don’t just take pretty pictures! We’re trying to help you to remember every nuance of the day so that 30 years from now, that photo sparks a memory.

As artistic directors, we stay in the background, out of the way, only guiding you through the day when you need us. One couple even called us the Ninja photographers! Your guests, family, friends – we make sure to capture at least one image of each guest if it’s possible and do it in a way where they don’t know we’re even there.

Even though our focus is on the moment, we strive to make those moments full of grace and beauty. Our work has been featured in many national and regional wedding magazines and websites, with two of our images given special recognition as one of the Top Shots in the country for 2008 and 2009 in Bride’s national magazine, and on Brides.com. But don’t worry – we know how vital family posed photos are. They might not be our focus, but we’ll still get them and do it well!

We’re very proud of the way we get it right in the camera. In fact, we’ve won four international awards from the Wedding Photojournalists Association, whose biggest rule is “no retouching allowed” on submitted images. They also listed Rhee among the top 100 wedding photographers in the world two years in a row!

Although Rhee’s the namesake, Kelvin is a trusted artistic partner. We’ve shot so much over the years that finally, Kelvin closed his studio and works with Rhee on almost every wedding. He’s a 14-year veteran, with hundreds of weddings and happy clients – and he shot Rhee’s wedding!

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