Sophia & Rick’s Winery Wedding

//Sophia & Rick’s Winery Wedding

Sophia & Rick

Photography | Studio OPiA
Coordination | Blooming Wed
Floral Design |  Ahana Design 
Wedding Day Stationery | JK Design
Catering | Le Papillon
Cake/Cupcakes | DH Cake Studio
Gown Designer | Vera Wang
Makeup | Rossie Shen
Entertainment | Big Fun DJ
FROM THE BRIDE Rick and I first met while attending high school in Canada, 15 years ago. He was that student everyone’s parents would’ve been proud of – he headed the robotics team, snatched up all subject awards, graduated top of our class, and also played the piano extremely well. 
But it wasn’t until the Canada Day long weekend in 2012 when I first visited the SF Bay Area, where Rick was completing his Ph.D. at Stanford, and he rented a Zipcar and offered to show me around that I realized he was also an extremely kind person and was someone I could depend on. I remember thinking to myself that when looking for a life partner in the future, I should be looking for someone like him to marry.
Fate didn’t connect us again until 4 years later when Rick messaged me out of the blue to answer my Facebook wall post asking if anyone wanted to join me on a trip to Egypt the Christmas holiday of 2016. Then pharaoh worked its magic, and we quickly found out that our feelings were mutual and that we shared very similar values, and started a long distance relationship between London and San Francisco.
After many cross Atlantic trips later, we both flew to Toronto for my 28th birthday weekend and little to my knowledge, he had a daring proposal planned! I was really worried about my first camping trip, but he made it the most comfortable experience ever and we slept in an open-air tent under the stars. Soon after, I’ve decided that he’s the prince charming I’ve been waiting for and someone worthwhile leaving my career in investment banking and my dream to live in Europe behind to move to the U.S. 
FROM THE GROOM I wish I could say Sophia was my high school sweetheart, but that would be too simple. She was the shy, polite, and well-mannered girl that everyone wanted to befriend. She was sociable, intelligent, and held herself with poise. She also seemed to be a part of every single club or student organization the school had to offer, and when an organization didn’t exist, she took it upon herself to found it. As she earned her way to the top scholarships in the country, I admired her achievements from afar, intrigued by her upbringing, her motivations, and her desire to do good. Though we were not close friends in high school, she was one of the few friends I kept in touch with throughout the years. 
On Canada Day weekend, 2012, Sophia visited the Bay Area, where I hosted her for two days. During our drive-through tour of San Francisco, our rental car broke down on a steep hill on Lombard Street, and I was barely able to park it safely. The mishap turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as we were spared the pain of finding parking, and our trip home would be reimbursed by the rental company. After an amazing evening of exploring Fisherman’s Wharf, indulging on oysters and chocolate sundaes, and riding the famous cable car, we found ourselves on the taxi ride home, exhausted. As Sophia drifted to sleep in the car, her head found its way onto my shoulder, and everything felt right. 
Years passed by. I continued to watch from afar (with envy) as Sophia goes on adventures all over the world. Peru, The Great Barrier Reef, all of South East Asia, all of Europe. We kept in contact once a year, wishing each other happy birthday, or happy new year. She invited me to visit a couple of times, and once even invited me to Croatia (though she claims she invites everyone). Finally, when Sophia posted on Facebook in November 2016 that she wanted to visit Egypt, I couldn’t resist. Having not taken a vacation in 7 months, I was itching to travel, and who better to travel with than the most well-traveled person I knew? After booking the trip, we continued talking, for hours each day, and realized we had so much more in common than we had imagined. Because of her punishing hours as an investment banker, we were practically living in the same time zone, despite being 8 hours apart. In truth, I had already fallen for Sophia before we ever arrived in Egypt, and the magical week we spent there only solidified my love for her.

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